Things to Avoid in e-symposiums

Human communication, if channelized with right energy and direction, can yield wonders. However, it is not the case most of the time because of evolutionary reasons. We are all monkeys in search of an instant gratification. If you carefully observe two people talking, you will be astonished to notice thaemotionheader16199696t most people converse to talk, but not to listen. Apart from this, there are many psychological flaws in the human flow of communication. Therefore, due to many reasons such flaw in the communication pattern can peep up and show its existence during e-symposiums as well. Everybody should take necessary steps to avoid mismanagement and lack of synchronicity in e-symposiums.

  • Lack of Clarity of the Subject

The subject matters is the foundation of the symposium, and any lack of understanding can result in a major foul play. For example, if the topic is ‘Revolutionary measures in Social Media’ — it is quite possible that people will start talking about cat videos.

  • Lack of Communication

Everyone has a style of communication, and sometimes these style can vary to a grater extent from person to person. At times, two people are communicating the same message in different language and style without noticing the level of repetition it is bringing to the symposium. Avoid the loop of repetition in symposiums, it helps in avoiding the wastage of time and energy.

  • Lack of Information in Opinion

Having ill-informed opinion is a discourse of its own. Therefore, it is always advisable to have the facts checked twice and thrice. Lack of information in opinion can lead to wastage of time, unnecessary argumentation, and conflicts.

  • Message for the Organisers

As organisers of the e-symposium, ensure that there is a coherency among all the speakers. People should talk not to argue, but to evolve in their subject matters and discussions.